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TISFAT (This Is Stick Figure Animation Theatre) is a free stick figure animation tool made in Delphi.

TISFAT was designed not only to be a self-contained single executable able run on any version of Windows (or Linux/MacOS via WINE), but also to be usable by anyone, of any age, without any prior animation experience.

In some ways, TISFAT has been successful in achieving this goal, with users of all ages and skill ranges.

Users have found TISFAT's simple tweening approach to animation easy to pick up and achieve desired results quickly, without the need to animate every frame.

It has however reached the point where it is no longer sensible to continue development on TISFAT, with development focus being moved on to a sequel. But if you're looking for a quick and easy way to make animations and export them to Flash, look no further than TISFAT.


  • Drawing primitives (lines, rectangles, bitmaps, polygons, text)
  • Simple ready-to-use stick figures
  • The ability to create any custom stick figure, with as many limbs as you choose
  • Attaching bitmaps to limbs
  • Drawing stick figures as curves
  • Create-A-Scene, enabling creating animation through physics
  • Edit and run-time onion skinning
  • Tracing of a video background
  • Setting alpha values of every element
  • Rotation of most elements
  • Export to popular formats (Animated GIF, AVI, Flash)

If you can change it, you can tween it!

How to use

Download the latest release from here.

Linux and OSX users should download the older and WINE compatible version here.

A help file is included, but for a quickstart:

  • Add a new layer
  • Select stick man as the type
  • Left click on one of the orange blocks/keyframes on the timeline
  • Click on one of the control boxes of the stick figure on the stage
  • Hold and drag the mouse to adjust the position of that point
  • Right click on a white block of the stick man timeline and insert a keyframe
  • Continue to move points to where you want

For more help, check out the TISFAT forums.

A video by RhanC showing how he does things: